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Videoproduksjon - prisestimat

This calculator is only used to estimate pricing and is not a binding quotation. Actual pricing will vary based on many factors that cannot be included here. Please contact us so we can get you an exact quotation -- the final rate is often less than is quoted here.

At first glance this may seem overly complicated. We'd like to simplify it too. But the complexity of this page is to your benefit -- the goal is to only include the things you need so you don't have to pay for those you don't, unlike package deals which generally aren't in your favor.

Start med en eksempel-mal: og tilpass etter ønske.

This is only an estimate of pricing and is not binding. Actual pricing will vary based on many factors that cannot be included here. Please contact us directly for an exact quotation.

Eventen varer i kalender dager, med timer (per dag) som blir streamet/tatt opp.


A Switcher is the device that allows selection or combination of video sources from multiple kameras while your event is happening. It selects which kamera is 'live,' while adding additional elements like graphics. DJP has three switchers: one in our MPU (trailer), and two smaller mobile units.

The Technical Director is the person who operates the switcher. A Director tells the kamera operators what shots to get, and chooses which ones will go live, while the Technical Director operates the utstyr to make that happen. For smaller productions, a Technical Director will often handle both tasks.

The Engineer is in charge of making sure the utstyr is setup, configured, and working properly, and making sure that the images coming from all of the kameras match and look good. Our engineer is required for all multi-kamera productions, but can be available to fill in another role during the event when budget is a concern.

Echo Medias store mobile produksjonsenhet HD1.


Denne prisen inkluderer alt som trengs for en flerkameraproduksjon - bildemikser, rutere, kabling, skjermer, videoopptakere, nødvendige konvertere, samt intercom-system for alle involverte i produksjonen. TV-fotografer er ikke inkludert i prisen.

Vi benytter Blackmagic Design ATEM Production Studio 4K bildemikser og Sony broadcast-kamera.

Dette oppsettet vi kunne mikse inntil 4 kameraer LIVE for opptak eller streaming. Noen tjenester som f.eks. grafikk, avspilling av video, og full service lydproduksjon er ikke inkludert. Opprigg, testing og nedrigg vil ta lengre tid med dette alternativet, enn hva det f.eks. gjør med en av de mobile produksjonsenhetene.

Teknisk produsent opererer bildemikseren, og vil på mindre produksjoner også gi regi til TV-fotografene. En teknisk produsent er påkrevet for de aller fleste flerkameraproduksoner. For lavbudsjettproduksjoner, kan teknisk leder steppe inn i denne rollen, forutsatt at det er greit å la eventuelle tekniske problemer vente til det er en pause i kjøreplanen.
Bildeprodusenten er ansvarlig for å dirigere TV-fotografene slik at det gir best mulig bildedekning av produksjonen. Dette er en heller mer kreativ rolle enn den er teknisk. Ved mindre produksjoner trer gjerne teknisk produsent inn i denne rollen, slik at en egen bildeprodusent ikke alltid vil være nødvendig, men men heller anbefalt i prosjekter som innebærer 5 eller flere kamera.
CollapseKamera og kameraoperatører

Vi anbefaler minimum tre kamera av en eller annen type for de aller fleste produksjoner. Ofte vil dette være ordinære kamera på stativ. Ved å benytte tre eller flere kamera gir fleksibilitet og gir flerkameraproduksjonen en profesjonell "look".

Shooting events with just two kameras is possible, but it limits the variety of shots and can potentially be difficult on kamera operators, as they never have a chance

Prisen per kamera inkuderer kamera, stativ, intercom og øvrig nødvendig og vanllig utstyr. Echo Media kan tilby gode og erfarne TV-fotografer, så sørg for at, feltet for 'Personell' matcher feltet for 'Utstyr antall'.

Vi benytter Sony PMW-350 HD-kameraer som vårt standard kamera.

The premium kamera is a Blackmagic Design Ursa Mini. It requires a more skilled operator and very controlled lighting.

These types of kameras are not well suited to long-form events due to the physical demand of holding a kamera for long periods of time. To reduce the physical demand on kamera operators we typically use the lightweight but high quality Sony HXR-MC2500 1080p FullHD kamera. If a higher-end kamera is desired the utstyr rate and operator rate will vary.

Wired mobile kameras usually require a helper to wrangle the cable. If DJP provides a cable wrangler the rate is Kr. 150.00 per day.

A maximum of two wireless kameras can be used at one time. Wireless range may be limited, and the signal usually will not travel through walls or other obstacles. Wireless kameras work best outdoors.
Robotic kameras are desirable in places where it is impractical, impossible, or dangerous to have a kamera operator. They also can produce a smoother shot than a human operator. One PTZ operator can often control several kameras, though we don't recommend more than about three or four at a time. Our standard PTZ kamera is the Sony SRG-300SE, using proprietary control hardware and software.
These are unmanned, motionless, small kameras that can capture a static shot and are often tiny and are hidden. This can include document kameras, overhead kameras, and more.
A jib is the crane you often see being used at concerts. The shots that they create are very dynamic and really make a video feel high-end and professional.
These are what are often called Steadicams, and while our stabilizer is similar, it is made by another brand. The rate includes the stabilizer, kamera, and an operator.
CollapseVirtuelle eventer / fjerndeltakere & programledere

We have a lot experience doing virtual events over Zoom, Teams, and other platforms, and know how to do them very professionally. We'll make everything smooth and easy for you.

We can handle meetings of any size, but when we have to wrangle more than a handful of participants it requires much more time for setup and testing. The rates here reflect the complexity.

We prefer to keep virtual meetings to just those that will be hosting or presenting. Other viewers should watch on standard streaming service like YouTube, Vimeo, Wowza, etc.

CollapseVideo - oppgradering
These add-ons are optional, but can really step up the game and make you stand out.
We have the utstyr to connect laptops with HDMI, USB-C, and DisplayPort to our video switcher.
No more than four kameras can be given slow motion capability. Only one Slo-Mo operator is required.
We have PowerPoint, Keynote, and video playback capability, as well as software to generate basic sports score graphics and title screens. For other types of graphics we will need to create these in Pre-Production or coordinate with a graphic designer.
DJP offers full-service lighting for most smaller events, and has companies we work with for larger events. We'll need to discuss your needs prior to providing an estimate.

A great video requires great audio to go with it. This can be as simple as supplying the presenter with a microphone, or as complicated as dozens of microphones with towers of speakers to fill the room with sound.

We're happy to supply audio utstyr, but if you elect for someone else to do it we'll need an audio feed from them to include in the video recording.

Connecting to a venue or customer-supplied audio feed is included with the base package.
Lavalier microphones are the ones that pin to a shirt. Headset microphones are worn on the head.
We have both wired and wireless handheld microphones.
Please contact us if you are unsure what types of microphones you will need.
Please contact us if you are unsure what types of microphones you will need.
A pair of these speakers are large enough to fill a room of approximately 25x25 feet with spoken material, and light music. Amplification is included. We proudly use FBT speakers for the highest quality audio.
A pair of these speakers are large enough to fill a room of approximately 50x50 feet with spoken material and music. Amplification is included. We proudly use FBT speakers for the highest quality audio.
A pair of these speakers are large enough to fill a room of approximately 100x100 feet. They are stackable to accommodate larger rooms, and are powerful enough for full-volume voice or music reproduction. Amplification is included. We proudly use FBT speakers for the highest quality audio.
For arena-size events we contract with partner companies to provide audio. Rates vary.
Our subwoofers only work with the 'Large Speakers' above. We proudly use FBT speakers for the highest quality audio.
The small audio mixer can handle up to 8 audio sources like microphones, laptops, music playback. Audio quality will be good, but not as good as our Large audio mixer below.
Our large audio mixer can handle 40 audio sources and supports Dante audio networking technology for easy integration with many venues' sound systems and with our production trailer.
CollapseDistribusjon & streaming
Hvordan ønsker du at det ferdige produktet skal leveres? Vi kan koble oss til prosjektorer, streame via internett, og tilby opptak på harddisker eller minnekort/minnepenn.
Prosjektorer er fine for å la publikum få se alt som foregår på en scene. Vi kan koble oss til de fleste prosjektorer.
Livestreaming: To: Antall seere:
Livestreaming er tilgjengelig på en rekke online tjenester, slik som YouTube, Facebook, Amazon, Ustream, Wowza, og mange andre. Dataforbruket er ca. 3 GB per time for 1080p strømmer.
Finished Media Delivery:
If you provide all of the required recording media your finished product will be available minutes after the event is over. Copying files to a drive will take approximately 3 hours.
Miscellaneous Options:
Select any options you'd like to apply.

Everything else not covered above.

Pre-Production time Kr. 50.00
per time
Pre-Production refers to any work done before an event. In this case, that usually means creation of or locating media assets like graphics, videos, and music, along with any rehearsals or training of staff or participants.
Gofer Kr. 150.00
A Gofer is an additional helper to run things around and make sure that utstyr and crew are getting the required attention. One gofer is recommended for events longer than 2 hours.
Reisekostnader: Produksjoner lokalisert i
Det vil ikke være reisekostnader forbundet med oppdrag i kommunene på InnherredThere is no travel charge for events in Utah County, or for events two days or longer in Salt Lake County. Charges are based on the number of crew members and number of days that they have to travel.
Kostnader med opp- og nedrigg er inkludert i produksjoner som går over en hel dag eller lengre.
Post-Production time Kr. 50.00
per time
Post-Production er arbeid som gjøres etter at opptakene er gjort. Som oftest vil dette være ordinær finpuss og enkel redigering. Timebruk ved redigering av videoopptak varierer veldig, men som en generell regel kan man for eksempel ved en ordinær konferanse regne to timer redigering per ferdig time med video, da det i disse eventene ikke vil være mange og raske klipp. Opp til to timer per minutt med ferdig video for f.eks. musikkvideo/konsert opptak. Vanligvis vil en flerkameraproduksjon være ferdig klipt live, og postproduksjonskostnader vil være minimale.
Utstyr total
Personell total *

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Billing/Payment Terms

For faste kunder som har god betalingshistorikk, gir vi gjerne gode betalingsbetingelser: vi kan gi opptil 21 dagers betalingsfrist etter endt produksjon. For nye kunder, eller kunder som strever med å betale til gitte frister, vil vi kreve 50% av av totalprisen på forskudd, regnet fra første produksjonsdag, hvor resten vil forfalle siste produksjonsdag av en produksjon. Eventuelt video- og bildemateriale vil for disse kundene ikke bli utlevert før fakturaer er betalt i sin helhet.

Opptak og postproduksjon faktureres vanligvis separat. Hvis din produksjon krever redigering ut over enkel trimming, vil dette faktureres separat.

Kanselleringer mindre enn 14 dager før første planlagte produksjonsdag, belastes med 50% av avtalt totalpris. (Vi må fortsatt betale booket mannskap, og disse har sannsynligvis takket nei til andre muligheter.)